The association lays down guidelines and recommendations to safely relaunch the industry.

IATA – International Air Transport Association recently published the ‘Roadmap to Restarting Aviation’ document here, highlighting recommendations and guidelines to all IATA member airlines and their respective airports to restart the aviation industry safely in a post covid world.

The roadmap document emphasizes measures to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus as the global aviation industry looks to reopen its doors to passengers. Among the measures proposed is the general move towards greater use of contactless technologies at the self-service kiosks.

Adding to the fact that one of the biggest fears is for the virus to transmit via touchpoints, the usage of contactless technology has almost become imperative.

There are many contactless products out in the market today – from bezel frame technologies that enable simple interactions from roughly 5cm away from the screen to software-based screen mirroring solutions that let passengers pair up their smartphones to the self-service kiosk and act like a remote for it.

Leading the touchless revolution is Ultraleap. Formerly known as Leap Motion, the tech startup offers gesture-based hand tracking devices including the leap motion controller and the newly introduced SIR 170 infrared camera which improves the tracking ranges of the former. Along with their ‘TouchFree by Ultraleap’ application, any windows based self-service kiosk can be made to work ‘TouchFree’ through impeccable low latency hand tracking and easy to use Air Push gesture which emulates a mouse driver and enables the user to performs actions like selecting, pressing a button, scrolling, inputting data through an on-screen keyboard & zooming in & out of way finders – all of which you may generally find at an airport self-service kiosk and info desks.

Air Push CTI
The Air-Push interaction type animation

Furthermore, a customized idle screen animation educates the user on the gestures they must perform – and with a TouchFree solution that is easy to use, can be retrofitted into existing hardware or be integrated into kiosk models from scratch and at the core of it all – it is extremely fun to use!

Iplan Ideas Technologies is an exclusive regional partner of Ultraleap and offers the product & technology integration service in the middle east.

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